Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coldest Morning of the Winter

Updated, as of 11am AST,

Overnight low temperatures:

Fairbanks area:
Goldstream Creek: -45F
Fairbanks Airport: -47F (For reference, the record low today in Fairbanks is 66 below set in 1934, the all-time record low).
Eielson AFB: -47F
Woodsmoke PWS: -48F (near North Pole)
UAF West Ridge: -39F
Keystone Ridge: -33F
Goldstream Toboggan: -32F
Moose Mountain PWS: -29F

Elsewhere in the Interior:
Nenana: -45F
Circle Hot Springs: -48F
Manley Hot Springs: -49F
McGrath: -51F
Arctic Village: -53F
Tanana: -53F
Bettles: -54F

Unofficial but reasonable:

Livengood RAWS: -55F
Coldfoot SNOTEL: -58F
Coldfoot PWS: -63F
Jim River PWS: -63F

Here's the big scale 3AM AST surface analysis from the Alaska Aviation Weather Unit showing the now big high over the Interior:

Here's the 537am AST NOAA-19 Polar Orbiter infrared image at 1.1km resolution:

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