Thursday, January 5, 2012

That’s a Lot of Warming

Here’s a plot of the soundings from Fairbanks for 3pm Wednesday and 3am and 3pm Thursday. That is a lot of warming, though there is not any front involved in any usual mid-latitude sense.


  1. Hi Rick, and are showing two different forecasts for Fairbanks going into weekend. From my past observation, has been more than often inaccurate and tend to predict temps that are much warmer than the actual. So which forecast should I go by ?

  2. Weather Underground simply reposts the NWS forecasts, which in this case have the advantage of coming out of Fairbanks Forecast Office. I do not know how the Weather Channel does forecasts for this part of the world. Interesting that they have been frequently too warm, as the model guidance has often been too cold.