Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold with Growing Inversion

Here's the lowest kilometer of the morning sounding at Fairbanks: the inversion is growing. Notice that right off the surface the inversion is not super sharp, showing the effects of the ice fog. The nearly constant temperature between 300 and 600 meters is interesting. There is not much wind in this layer, but above that, where temperature warm to almost 0F, there are west winds around 20 mph.

Overnight lows include:

Goldstream Creek: -51F
Woodsmoke PWS -49F (near North Pole)
Fairbanks Airport: -48F (both Saturday evening and since midnight, the lowest temperature since February 2008)
UAF West Ridge: -42F

Lows from cooperative observations reported Saturday evening included 54 below at North Pole and 48 below at Goldstream Valley Bottom.

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