Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Near Record Cold January in the Works

Here's an updated plot of daily mean temperatures thus far this winter (through January 23rd). The winds and clouds the past few days have kept temperatures up near normal. Through Monday (the 23rd), the mean January temperature at the Fairbanks Airport is -25.0F. The rest of the month looks to average at least this cold, and probably colder. This will be one of the coldest Januarys of record.


  1. Will this Jan. also be one of the coldest for Anchorage as well?

  2. Through the 24th the average temperature at Anchorage International Airport is 4.1F. If this were to be the average for the whole month it would be the coldest January since 1989.

  3. Hi Rick,
    Why only since 1989? I was checking wunderground's historical weather archive and it seems like this Jan would be the coldest since 1975 (earlier years have no records)

  4. Average temperature January 1989 at Anchorage International was 3.4F. There are records at ANC back into the 1950s. Before that the obs site was a Merrill Field, and for a short while in downtown Anchorage.

  5. Trung,

    Here's the link for ANC data from Western Region Climate Center: