Friday, May 23, 2014

Chilly Interior Morning

A quick update to note the brisk temperatures this morning in the eastern Interior; here are a few overnight minimum temperatures:

Chicken  17 °F
Salcha RAWS  17 °F
Eagle airport  19 °F
Eagle coop  21 °F
Northway  25 °F
Goldstream Creek  27 °F

The low temperature of 21 °F at the Eagle coop is the coldest temperature on record there so late in the spring (data back to the early 1900's).  However, 18 °F was observed on May 22, 1983, and 14 °F on May 21, 1969; so this is a marginal record event.

The 17 °F reading at Chicken was not the coldest so late in the season, even for the relatively short period of record; 15 °F was observed there on June 5, 2006.  The chart below shows that the normal low temperature is just now reaching 32 °F at Chicken.  Only 4 days so far this year have failed to drop to 32 °F at night, but this is not in the least bit unusual.

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