Friday, October 18, 2013

Warm Week

The Fairbanks NWS releases a weekly summary of temperatures as a Public Information Statement (PNS). Here is a graphical representation of last weeks temperatures and liquid precipitation for Fairbanks. As you can see, the past week (10/12 to 10/18) in Fairbanks was the warmest since 1969 and one of the warmest on record. Each bar on the chart represents the 7-day average of the high and low temperature for this date range. The green bars at the bottom represent the total liquid precipitation (scale is on right side also in green).


  1. !969 was indeed a warm pre-winter period. I was in my 5th year at the UAF and we enjoyed the warm WX. However in those days we had to eat game or starve at the U.

    Our annual Taylor Highway Caribou harvest stood a good chance of spoiling in the trunk of my roommate's 1959 Ford in October. Fortunately it finally froze and we fed fellow McIntosh Hall residents game on the weekends from the basement kitchen.

    We did get cold that winter eventually. Everybody walked, there was no campus transportation in those days.


  2. Thanks for sharing the story Gary. Climate is so much more than crunching some numbers. It affects how we go about our day-to-day existence.