Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fairbanks Precipitation Ranking

The forecast for the remaining two days of July in Fairbanks does not include any mention of rain. Therefore, I feel (reasonably) comfortable adding a preliminary rainfall ranking table.

Through July 29th, Fairbanks is approaching their annual normal precipitation of 10.81". When comparing similar monthly intervals from different years, only one January to July period was wetter (1929). In fact, every monthly grouping (ending in July) is ranked in the top 3. The May to July and June to July are far and away the wettest such periods on record in Fairbanks.

Should these numbers change in the next two days, this post will be updated.


  1. Good info Brian, I'll pass this around to friends.

    The needles on our White Spruce have stopped falling. They needed the water badly. Me, not so much.


  2. The wet July weather summary for Fairbanks: