Saturday, August 31, 2013

Barrow 500 mb Temperature

*** 9/2/13 Update: Long-term 850mb and 500mb temperature chart for August was added at the bottom. Note that while the 8/31 500mb temperature was extremely low, it is just one observation in a data series dating to 1948. The 850 mb, and 700 mb, and surface temperatures have all trended upward in Barrow since the upper air sounding program was established in Barrow in 1948. ***

The 500 mb temperature in Barrow yesterday was -37.5C at the 0Z upper air sounding. This is the second lowest August 500 mb temperature on record for that station (1948-2013). The table below shows the coldest August 500 mb temperatures on record for Barrow. The charts at the bottom shows the average annual August 500 mb (and 850 mb & surface) temperature for Barrow.