Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Will 2013 Be Fairbanks' Warmest Summer?

As of August 13th, Fairbanks is on pace to have the warmest summer on record. The average temperature from June 1 through August 13 has been 65.6 degrees. The warmest summer on record, 2004, was 65.5 degrees through August 12th. Will 2013 break the record? If the temperature in Fairbanks were normal for the rest of August, 2013 will end up in second place. To break the record, the average daily temperature must average 60.05 degrees between August 14th and August 31st (5.66 above normal). A tall order to say the least. Only 3 seasons (2007, 2004, and 1977) have had and average temperature greater than 60 degrees between August 14th and August 31st.

1 comment:

  1. Nice analysis, especially the extrapolation using normal.

    A tall order, for sure, although as stubborn as this pattern has been, I would not be all that surprised to see the record broken. It looks like cooler conditions are on the way for Fairbanks, but will it bounce back to warmth before the end of the month?