Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hottest Fair EVER

Seven days down and three to go for the Tanana Valley State Fair, and with high temperature again exceeding 80ºF on Thursday, this is already the hottest TVF ever, — at least if you're counting days with a high of 80ºF or higher: five days have had highs of 80ºF or higher.

Here's the plot the number days with high temperatures of 80ºF or higher since 1952:
As reader Gary pointed out, the dates of the Tanana Valley Fair have varied over the years, as has the length. Fairs were generally 3 or 4 days long until the early 1970s, when they bumped up to 5 to 7 days in length. Since the early 1990s Fairs have been mostly nine or ten days long. However, it's clear on the above plot that the frequency of hot days corresponds with the change to in start dates of the Fair from sometime in the middle of the month (usually the second week) to the first Friday of August.


  1. How about a rain chart? The State Fair in Palmer is always wet! Is it the same up there?

  2. Now in Fairbanks we have fires, smoke, and reduced visibilities in August. Coupled (or tripled?) with periodic southerly katabatic winds, drying of the incoming air or lack of moisture, and a dry fuel base, it looks like a record late fire season for Interior Alaska is looming.

    Still, it's been a great summer with CPC's expectations for a prolonged fall season.